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WTCA Chairman Message

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a truly international organisation. Our ethos is about promoting trade across borders for the benefit of trading companies, as well as their communities and countries. Founded in 1970, WTCA is probably the very first social/professional networking concept in the world.  With membership of over 360 prestigious and well-known, high profile geographic locations, WTCA is uniquely global.

WTCA is rigorous in its vetting of new members where we demand exacting standards of professionalism and quality service, coupled with awareness and sensitivity for the environment the new members plan to operate within.  But WTCA is more than this; our highly recognised and widely respected brand offers licencees an exceptionally flexible business template   Apart from facilitating effective communication amongst the membership, we encourage every member to develop their own portfolio of products and services specifically designed to help promote business activities within their relative territories, as well as encouraging inwards and outwards trading activities throughout the world.

World Trade Center Saudi is a long established member of the WTCA that also belongs to a group of 15 World Trade Center locations throughout the MENA Region and beyond. WTC Saudi has developed a clever blend of services that can help many organisations in different professional fields to conduct their business efficiently, professionally and cost effectively. We are proud of WTC Saudi and we hope you give them the opportunity to prove to you how they can add value to your business.

Ghazi Abunahl
Chairman of the Board
World Trade Centers Association