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It’s really great to know about the WTC presence in Saudi Arabia. But, how can this help me with my business?
Putting your hands on ours is a certain step forward for both of us, simply because WTC-Saudi offers a wide range of services to help businesses develop to their full potentials. Not only do we provide research, consulting, legal, governmental and other regulatory services to assist clients with the intricacies of entering the Saudi market as investors or for nationals to take their companies international, but we also and through our matchmaking service, provide our clients full access to connect with similar global organizations or other requested institutions quickly and easily.

But would I be able to learn more about foreign markets through WTC-Saudi?
That is definite. And we are talking here about offering clients diverse analytical and research tools supported by our helpful and dedicated in-house team. We have business interests throughout the world, a network of associates in World Trade Centers and other business and government contacts in nearly every country that can provide clients with the required information or transactions they need. What’s more, WTC-Saudi offers you an on-site global trade library and workstations should clients prefer to conduct their own research.

How other WTC-Saudi affiliates and clients can be of assistance to my business?
WTC-Saudi is affiliated with many international businesses offering products, services and expertise that may be helpful to you and your business. We deal seriously with high professionalism to connect you to them and them to you as requests and referrals arise. It is our job to make sure that our clients can benefit from the WTC-Saudi’s large database of global contacts in various sectors worldwide. Moreover, as a tenant, you have the advantage of easily networking with other prominent business representatives located within our facilities.

Let’s say I want to find out more about job opportunities with affiliate businesses, how would I do that?
We assure you that choosing to be a WTC-Saudi client/member is one right decision will not regret, but rather will be a chance for you to open wide space of secure business. Being a WTC-Saudi client and getting involved with our activities will introduce you to many companies and small businesses both locally and internationally, which hence, will help you develop your business through diversifying your options. We recommend that you leverage our excellent programs and website features for further job leads. Many events and activities we host also provide good networking opportunities for matchmaking to meet new businesses and affiliates who often are in search of skilled international staff.
What about WTC-Saudi itself? Is it an agency of the government?
No, WTC-Saudi is a private international joint-venture, which is part of the group of 15 centers under the World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd. and managed by the World Trade Center (Saudi) Holding, Inc.