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Essential Tips

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country with religion touching every aspect of its life. While Saudi Arabia is maintaining its cultural and religious heritage, it is catching up rapidly and notably with the modern life, seen through its buildings, standard of living and the kind of business it operates.
Family pride, personal honor, and one-on-one relationships come before hard-nosed practicalities of business. Therefore, when you are in Saudi Arabia, you will feel the welcoming and the generosity Arabs, especially Saudis, have always been known by.

Time- GMT +3

Working Days and Working Hours
Saturday to Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 13:00
Friday is a weekend 

Prayer Time

There are 5 prayers a day in Saudi Arabia, in which the ones during working hours are performed while a break of half an hour for prayer.
Note that prayer hours may partially change according to season.

1 SAR = 0.26 US Dollars
             = 0.205 Euro
             = 0.135 GB Pounds
             = 32.18 JP Yen

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Central areas, like Riyadh, have a desert dry climate, very hot in summer, and very cold at night with minimal rainfalls.
Eastern and Western areas like Jeddah and Dammam, by the sea, have high temperatures and humidity in summer, and moderate ones in winter. Rainfalls are more than Riyadh but still not much.


For more information about banks and finance, click on the link below:
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)


Cultural and modern shopping for antiques and traditional Saudi souvenirs is a new experience through so many different souqs (market) in every city in the Kingdom.
Riyadh, for instance, has some well-known souqs attracting both locals and expatriates. If you are interested in shopping, you will, with no trouble, find a vast number of shopping malls, where you will come across all well-known brands, along with the outlets spread on the sides of every main street. But for convenience, especially in Saudi’s hot weather, shopping malls are always preferred. In addition, you can find departmental stores almost everywhere and open 24/7.

Market hours in Saudi Arabia are usually applied as follows:
09:00 - 12:00
16:00 - 22:00

Keep in mind that shops will close for half an hour at every prayer time and you will be asked to come back after prayer.


With the large variety of cuisines in KSA, you will not have serious cravings for your favourite food for it will always be met, plus the experience of the traditional Saudi food where you can enjoy your meals, in pure traditional ambience.


Starting from fast-food chains to the most elite and up-scaled restaurants, you will enjoy domestic, oriental and international food.
Alcohol and drugs are totally banned in Saudi Arabia, with legal penalties to follow.

Historic and Religious Travel

Saudi Arabia is rich of many historic places, either in city or off-road, where you can live history and enjoy the desert in chorus.
As for religious places, Muslims come from all over the world to see and visit the Two Holy Cities (Makkah Al-Mokaramah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah) as part of their pilgrimage or throughout the year.

Hotels and Car Rental

For all ranges and all prices, please check our corporate rate which we can offer you through your membership with us.


Medical industry is greatly advanced in Saudi Arabia; you will find hospitals and clinics almost in every place in the Kingdom.
Drugs and Pharmacies

KSA has local and imported medicines. Some drugs require prescription, and others are bought over the counter.  Pharmacies work all day and some others offer a 24-hour service.

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